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"The fusible plug is a piece of metal or alloy stopping an aperture in some part of the boiler which is directly exposed to the fire, and of such a composition as to melt at a temperature lower than that at which the pressure of the steam would become dangerous.

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Fusible plugs are of two types: FIRE-ACTUATED: The boiler plug is an alloy of tin, copper amp; lead and has a melting point of 6° to 7°. One end of the plug is attached to the tire/hot gases while the other is in contact with water. In case the water level drops below the plug, tin melts and blows out.

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2019-4-2 · A fusible plug is a threaded metal cylinder usually of bronze, brass or gunmetal, with a tapered hole drilled completely through its length. This hole is sealed with a metal of low melting point that flows away if a pre-determined, high temperature is reached. The initial use of the fusible plug was

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Offered Boiler Fusible Plug is fitted to different types of boilers that are used in various combustion systems. We provide Thermax Boiler Fusible Plug in different sizes, shapes and dimensions to suit the variegated requirements of our clients, present across the globe. Salient features: High tensile strength ; Dimensional accuracy

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2020-3-28 · Definition of Boiler: In today's article, you are gonna get a brief knowledge on Boiler Accessories and Mountings.So at first let's look at what is a boiler? A boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated, vaporized and converted into steam at a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure.The heat energy required for steam generation is produced by burning fuel in the furnace.

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The following are some steam engine safety tips, specifically boiler safety tips, pertaining to fusible plugs. If you purchase a fusible plug at an auction, a flea market, old-stock in a supply house or from anyone lacking knowledge of these critical devices, I suggest you know the answers to the following questions: Is it a fireside plug or a

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Fusible Plug is a fitting used in steam boilers to enhance the safety during operation. It's working depends upon the water level in the Boiler shell. A Fusible Plug is a threaded metallic cylindrical object, with a tapered hole in it which goes t

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Vertical fire tube boilers could, but did not always, have a fusible plug installed partway down a larger, heavier gauge fire tube fitted especially for that purpose; in such cases a water-side access hand-hole was provided in the boiler shell to facilitate fusible plug replacement.


2016-4-7 · both boiler thread and fusible plug are to the same standard, only one type should be used on any single boiler. It is important that the boiler records and plug diagram (see item7 above) detail which form is in use on a boiler and that the fusible plugs and any spares are appropriately marked.